• September 21, 2021

Trump: ‘I want to give the people the money they want’

Donald Trump says he wants to give people the $1.9 trillion in tax breaks they need to buy more gas and oil as part of his campaign promises.

The presumptive Republican nominee has made tax breaks for the wealthy a central part of the 2016 presidential campaign and is also calling for the construction of a massive wall along the US-Mexico border to keep out illegal immigrants.

Trump has called the wall a ‘basket of deplorables,’ but he has also called for a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration, a ban on the manufacture and sale of certain goods from Mexico and a crackdown on people who carry guns.

“The president’s plan is a big tax cut, a big investment in our infrastructure, and it will lead to new jobs,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

“I want the people to get a good deal for their money, and we will have to make a decision about the border, about the wall, and about immigration.

It’s going to have to be made.”‘

We’re going to be very, very, good’ for Americans, he added.

“We’re not going to allow our economy to become dependent on foreign countries.

We’re going for a very, large and very successful economy for our country.”

The presumptive Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has called for the wall to be built but has said she has no plans to increase taxes on the wealthy, a position Trump has also taken.

“When I talk about a wall, I’m talking about a lot of things, including building a great, wall-less border,” Trump told supporters in Pennsylvania.

“You know, we’re going, in many cases, to be a very very good country.”

“I think we’re doing a very good job.

I think we’ve had a very strong economy.

I do believe we have to have a wall,” Trump added.