• September 11, 2021

How to keep your gold, silver and platinum safe

This article was originally published on the ABC News website.

Originally published as ‘Gold, silver, platinum’ not all safe article Australian mining company Gemcorp has warned that many of the metals found in the earth’s crust are not all that safe.

Gemcorp chief executive Scott Moore said the metals were not all the same.

“There are other materials out there, such as tin and iron and copper and cadmium and zinc and molybdenum, that are not exactly the same and that’s where we come in,” he said.

“And what that means is that, yes, the way they are produced, the manufacturing processes are the same, but they’re different.”

So, it’s the quality of those elements that’s going to be different, not the manufacturing process.

“Mr Moore said Gemcorps research had shown the metals in the Earth’s crust were not of high quality.”

We are looking at some of the materials that we think are less-than-ideal and are being mined for gold, platinum, and zinc, and copper, and other metals,” he told the ABC.”

Some of those are not the most suitable for certain types of applications, like for mining, or building buildings.

“If you have a metal like tin or lead or iron or cobalt that you want to use in a high-strength steel, then that’s not going to work.”

He said the company was not worried about the health of its customers.

“I’m not worried that our customers are going to die because we don’t have these metals.

They are safe,” he explained.”

But if you’ve got these metals that you can use in an electric power system, for instance, then those metals are not going be a good choice for that.”

You need to be able to manufacture them in a safe way, and that takes a lot of knowledge.

“Gemco chief executive and founder Greg Moulton said there was no scientific evidence that metals were inherently dangerous.”

They have some good uses in certain applications, but in general they are not a good source of toxicity, and it’s just not an appropriate use of the resources,” he stated.”

Our understanding is that in most cases, these metals are in the same proportion to the elements that we use in the world.

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