• August 7, 2021

How the FDA could stop a coronavirus outbreak in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is working with state health officials and the Department of Justice to investigate whether residents of the city of Lansing should be required to wear face masks to reduce the spread of coronaviruses in the city.

The agency has asked for input from public health officials.

The Michigan Department for Health and Human Services said in a news release Wednesday that the state has been in contact with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Michigan Attorney General’s Office about the matter.

The U..

S Department of Health and Humans Services said its investigators have met with residents and health care workers, including emergency room physicians and public health workers.

The state has not released the names of any health care providers that could be involved in the investigation.

State health officials said the state’s coronaviral response plans have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

They say the state will provide a public health strategy to all counties and counties in the state through the end of the year.

The plan includes an enhanced statewide coronavide response plan and a strategy to develop more targeted and effective strategies to address the spread and public safety risks associated with the pandemics, according to a release from the state.

The department said the plan includes steps to protect individuals from contracting coronavirene infections through personal protective equipment (PPE), and the plan calls for increased public awareness about the potential for infections to occur through PPE.

Michigan health officials have also asked for public input on the state plan and have also urged Michigan residents to follow their state’s guidelines.

“As we work to implement this plan, we ask that you remain vigilant, stay safe, and remain informed about what to do if you have been exposed,” the release said.

“If you have contact with others who have been affected by this pandemic, please contact local authorities as soon as possible.

Please do not share personal information.”