• July 20, 2021

‘Gravity Falls’ Season 2: The Best and Worst of the Season 1

Gravity Falls Season 2 is now officially in theaters, and the second season is shaping up to be one of the best yet.

While the first season is still in theaters and the finale airs on Wednesday, fans can get a look at what’s coming up in the season 2 premiere right now, with the first two episodes set to air on Wednesday night.

The new episodes are the ones we’ve been waiting for, with each episode focusing on different characters and the mysteries surrounding them.

For the first time, fans get to get a glimpse at the mysterious new villain in town, and a look into the life of the little sister that’s helping to keep things afloat.

There are also plenty of new twists and turns throughout the season, including the return of a new character named The Farther Side, who’s played by Krista Bernhardt.

This character was originally created for Season 1, and will now join a cast of characters in Season 2.

The first episode will also give fans a glimpse into what to expect from the rest of Season 2, as the show takes a new direction.

In addition to the main plotline, Season 2 will also introduce new characters like the new villain The Other Side and a new group of misfits that will join the main cast of Gravity Falls.

There will also be a new mystery that will unfold when Season 2 concludes, and there’s plenty of other great moments in the new episodes that will help fans get a feel for what’s to come.

So what are we waiting for?

The first two season 2 episodes will premiere on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

ET/PT on Disney XD, and it’ll be a great time to get to know some of the new characters and to enjoy the show’s new take on animated storytelling.

The Season 2 finale airs Wednesday night, July 17, on Disney Channel.