• July 4, 2021

How to avoid aluminum foil on your laptop

Apple said the problem appeared in a new MacBook Pro laptop model that’s not yet available.

The problem, which affects some models of the laptop, is with the “Fiberglass,” an aluminum foil coating, and not the aluminum on the MacBook Pro itself.

The problem appears to affect some models, including the $1,199 15-inch MacBook Pro, which has the same foil problem.

Apple said the MacBook Pros problems appeared because the aluminum in the MacBook’s “Fibers” were not sufficiently thin.

Apple says this aluminum was created by a process called “plating.”

The company said it was “committed to improving the quality of our products and will continue to improve the performance of all MacBook Pro products, including those in the 15- and 15-incher line.”

The company also said it would work with “manufacturers and suppliers to improve their processes to prevent these types of incidents.”

Apple said that the foil issue affected some MacBook Pro models that came with “Foldable Aluminum” or “Fully Flexible Aluminum.”

It did not say which models had the problem.

The MacBook Pro was the first MacBook with a thin aluminum-backed hard drive, and the company’s MacBook Pro 15-in-1 and MacBook Pro 17-in.

It has an SSD.

Apple is also recalling MacBooks from the first wave of MacBook Pro shipments from January 1 through March 17 because of the problem, according to the company.

The recall applies to a small number of models of MacBooks sold between January 1 and March 31.