• June 21, 2021

How to get non-fibrous metal inspections in Michigan

A Michigan state lawmaker says he wants the Department of Natural Resources to require all non-sulfur metals wholesalers to report any material they use that is recycled.

State Rep. Rick Zielinski says he introduced the legislation Monday to improve oversight of non-metal recycling in Michigan.

Zielinski told the Detroit News he is pushing the state to mandate non-magnetic metal recycling as a safety requirement for all manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalists.

Michigan is one of only a few states in the country that requires all nonfibric metals recyclers to test recyclables before they are shipped out.

The requirement applies to manufacturers, suppliers, wholesaliers, retailers, and anyone who accepts them.

Zielinsky said that means that when a non-sterile metal is recycled, it must also undergo the same rigorous tests as metal that would be subjected to a metal certification.

Zialinski’s bill is modeled after one that passed in North Carolina last year and was approved by the state’s legislature.

The legislation requires a state inspection, with inspections lasting between two and eight days.

Zialinski says the legislation will help ensure that metal recyclable materials are tested and that consumers are protected.ZIALIKKI SAYS HE’S NOT FORWARDING ON MICHIGAN METAL RECYCLERSZIALINSKI says he has no plans to move forward on the legislation, saying he expects to introduce a new bill when Michigan’s new attorney general takes office.

Ziatinski told MLive he will be taking a break from the state legislature to help educate the public on the dangers of nonferrous metallic metals.