• June 20, 2021

How to clean your metals and other recyclables in India

India has introduced a national metal-recycling programme, and it has so far seen no problems with the use of non-metals, despite an increasing number of metals and metals products being discarded in the country’s urban slums.

A report in The Times Of India said the government plans to make use of metals from other countries, such as China and Brazil, for use in its manufacturing of products.

“The plan envisages a phased deployment of new non-mercury materials, such the aluminum and zinc, in the industrial sector,” the paper said.

The report added that the use in the manufacturing sector would be limited to the “low-value-added” product categories such as jewelry, clothing and furniture, and would not affect the use for other products.

A metal recycling company in India’s southern state of Kerala told The Times that metals from overseas were being sold to consumers, but that there were no problems.

“Our biggest problem is that metals are non toxic and therefore we cannot use them.

They are just recyclable,” the company, the Bharat Metal Corporation (BMCC), told the newspaper.

The government had started a pilot programme last year to collect and process recycled metal in some parts of the country.

However, some of the metal that was being collected was being reused, with the ministry telling the paper that the problem was due to the limited quantity of the materials.

A total of 4.8 million tonnes of recycled metals are being collected annually, according to the ministry.

A survey by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in March found that 70% of the metals collected were being reused.

The ministry said that most metals were being recycled because they were “unusable” and that there was no need to recycle them.

The paper said that the ministry of environment and forest ministry had received about 5,000 complaints from households and businesses about the misuse of metals in the past year.